Adaptive Online Retailing Conversion: Enabling Small Business Retailers for Optimal Profit

The growth trajectory continues, the heat is own for retailers as calendar edges nearer to Black Friday Sales with primary and epic online sales experience expected online. Small and Medium size business owners are innovating in adaptive accelerated retail revenue. Time is of the essence, and the money will be spent somewhere, a greater percentage online, than in brick and mortar stores during Coronavirus.

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Sleeknote shared 15 eye-opening online shopping statistics for 2020:

  • eCommerce retail sales volume has more than tripled this year alone, and is expected to reach $4.2 Trillion by the end of 2020
  • E-Commerce Sales Are Predicted to Hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023
  • There are 7.8 billion people in the world and 26% of them shop online. (More since Covid19)

Business Needs to Be Adaptive and Innovative to retain and grow marketshare

Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 is not business as usual. New demands for supply and service shift have been the steady stream. Businesses are adapting their eCommerce Presence, and Business Operations. In order to maintain customer loyalty, and attract more of the growing market share, retailers need to pivot between their brick and mortar operations, to expanded mobile features, integrated on-site sales and eCommerce.

Upgrading is needed, but times are hard. Companies who invest in experience are better poised, than the companies, impacted by their legacy:

  • 47% of retailers struggle with lack of visibility, automation and integration
  • Siloed brick and mortar shops without integration or connectivity struggle with the convenience, speed, and pricing of online
  • Only 1/4 of retailers offer an integrated online, and in store POS shopping experience

So Innovate LLC is providing Mobile Apps, eCommerce, and solutions for business of all sizes

So Innovate, CTO, Iqbal Mahmud, has just finished helping a small business owner who needed to work fast to stand up a integrated distribution channel where the multiple local stores operated as independent sales outlets, demand for online experience drove the ecommerce presence, and the need to improve their POS systems, to connect seamlessly and direct to enable sales from all active inventory management across all distribution centers.

COVID-19 SMALL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION STORY: This retail was a smaller franchise, had distribution in multiple locations, most operating independently and serving their community. When Covid hit, non-essential business owners struggled with transitioning profit to convert sales to online. To increase their online presence, and augment their overall local and online sales, this retailer implemented an integrated Point of Sale System, connecting service options across all supply chain suppliers, and warehouses. This allows each local store to sell inventory from a current on demand warehouse, it enabled direct online sales, and created customer satisfaction that created and retained customers even in the Covid-19 Crisis.

He toured operations and distribution centers to get a thorough understanding of both the challenges and opportunities this retailer faced. He then worked with his team to develop a good POS approach that connected 3 stand alone stores, and all the warehouses that supplied them, for faster and direct shipment, and ship to store options. Benefits of this approach were great:

  • Transitioned from standalone small stores, to multichannel selling with improved customer shopping, and buying options.
  • Even as the stores could not open for business as usual, customers continued to shop business as available. POS expanded and networked sales opportunity for better experience and more sales.
  • Online Advertising could take a greater stage in social media selling as they could run promotions and share about the expanded more effective modern shopping experience.

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