Dawn, Help us use ServiceNow Test Suite Better?

The call came from my business network this week. Writing ServiceNow Tests from scratch are are difficult to do directly in ServiceNow. It takes a long time to build the test cases one row at a time, and it is not friendly for long detailed test, making it easy to lose your place if you are interrupted or have to adjust after such an interruption.
“Dawn, can you help us use our ServiceNow Test Suite better? We have to create hundreds of own scripts to run and getting them in the system and reviewed is taking forever!” ServuceNow Client

What is Service Now Test Suite

ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF) was introduced in Istanbul. You can write a manual test, or there are 2 different groups of test steps server or form-based testing. Impersonating another user, the execution field is set. The primary Test Suite and Automated Test Framework let you create reusable tests that can be used with results and a screenshot guide to test success or failures. ServiceNow’s ATF is a powerful tool to create and run automated tests on your ServiceNow non-production instance to verify applications, customization, upgrades, or configurations are working as expected. The tests are executed when evaluating an upgrade or change prior to release to production. .
Automation Test FrameWork .
Load plugins, and Demo Data to see how it works. There is a numeric value to each step that tells the test what order to run in. When the test is run, it shows up in the Test Results tab.
Automated Test Framework helps you to create test, and screen shot based test “user guide” that run in any browser. Test Queue holds tests for execution. Only one client test runner can runs at a time. There are test execution orders. Once the test is complete the results are turned back, all incidents and problems are identified, with screen shots. It’s self cleaning after its done.
Check out ServiceNow Quick Start , search for ATF Test Plugin
Each ServiceNow application or feature has its own plugin activation requirements for enabling quick start tests. Click to See Available quick start tests by application or feature for activation information. Quick Start Tests are useful when your instance is fairly close to out of the box, you can run the tests and customize them for changes in your environment. Quick start Tests let you copy quick start tests for the ServiceNow Platform to validate that your instance works following configuration changes. In Example, Quick Starts are useful after an upgrade or develop an application. The tests can produce a pass result when you run them with the default demo data that are provided with the application or feature plugin.
How to use the Test Suites
A suite is a workflow-based parent-child relationship. A Mixed Test Suite has a Parent or child chain that matches and executes your criteria. It helps organize execution with results organized for use. I loved the Kloves intro of getting started with Automated Test Framework by Mike Nelson
This covers the basic functionality of Automated Test FrameWork. If you are using a prior version of ServiceNow, make sure to check out the advances in ServiceNow, as they are excellent in adding new functionality. Awareness of the Quickstart, the Automated Test Framework can reduce or expedite creation of your test solutions.

Community Wishlist for Enhancements to Manual Test

When writing a long detailed test list, its hard to begin, edit or review tests. Following are a list of enhancements to ServiceNow Test Suite 2 capabilities for an improved user Experience:
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