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  One of So Innovate LLC’s favorite recent website solutions was the design of a website for a fascinating author, Dr GK Pillai. The Proceeds of his books are a living benefit of assistance for humanitarian causes he helps. Here are a few of his most popular books available now for purchase on Amazon. For example all sales of his most popular recent book, The Queen Of Genes, went to benefit Childhood Cancer Relief. Here are Dr Pillai’s Most Popular Books Available for Sale On Amazon now.
Dr GK Pillai’s writing explores an interesting range of topics from Philosopy, Finance, Spirituality, and Modern Feminism Romanticism. His book launches have a certain sort of Bollywood Red Carpet Flair. The India Times, ETimes Edition covered the book launch event Dr – Photogallery (indiatimes.com) which was so compelling, bollywood celebrities turned out in volume to support a novel of the genetic superiority of women called “The Queen of Genes“, a great story, a great cause of child cancer relief, and an epic event held at IMC Churchgate on December 15, 2008. Bollywood Actor/Producers Jackie Schroff and John Abrahams wrote reviews endorsing Queen of Genes, and in attendance at this star studded event.
  A new website launch is coming soon, to coincide with the release of his latest book coming soon. Join his facebook page now, for advance notice at facebook.com/drgkpillai. His website will be launching soon with the launch of his next book titled Globalizing Gandhi, the Real-Life Superman. Exact details of timing is pending, but will be announced on the official Facebook GK Pillai page, giving members of the page advance notice of the book availability and special offers celebrating the launch.
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