HEALTH: This child should not have died. Hospitals and parents, please prepare to advocate care for these Life Threatening Covid Symptoms

I dedicate this to a young prince I never knew, whose parents suffer from his loss. My God bless and keep them in his loving care as they come to terms with this profound loss.

Dawn Christine Simmons, Coronavirus Survivor June 4, 2020. Honoring a Young Prince who became and Angel September 6, 2020

Covid?? Starting with a stroke??

On June 4, 2020, I did not have Covid-19 symptoms. I went to the ER, because I had every sign of a Stroke, with my heart condition, I learned that this was important. The began complete diagnostics, I had sudden stroke symptoms, weakness, tingling fingers and toes on my left side, mind blowing migraines, blurred vision, dizziness, They immediately treated the blood sugar, the hypertensive crisis, and started giving me shots and blood thinners. Suddenly insulin and heparin shots throughout the night. It was a blur of terrifying medical treatment that hit its peak by 7 the next morning with the diagnosis, Stroke + Diabetes + SARS2 _Coronavirus. What???

On September, 8 2020, I could not stop the tears from flowing, the connection to a boy I never knew, and the parents who grieve. 2 days ago on September 6, 2020, this beautiful young child, with all of life ahead of him, could just not deal with the pain. He even used the same description of “It feels like my head i going to explode!” He died of a stroke, from crippling headaches.

Facts you should know about Covid and Strokes:
  • Although early diagnostics considered SARS2 Covid -19 a lung infection, COVID-19 has been found to cause blood clots that untreated can lead to severe stroke and death.
  • While both flu and COVID-19 can increase the risk for a stroke, the odds are 8 times greater to have a stroke with the coronavirus
  • WebMD reported that people with both COVID-19 and a stroke are 7 times more likely to die than people who have a stroke but aren’t infected with COVID-19.
  • Children are also impacted by Stroke induced by covid, ignoring the early warning signs, because they are too young, or dont want to risk exposure are factors that delay life saving intervention.
Early Warning Symptoms of a stroke?
Here are the warning signs t hat everyone should know and act upon,Drooping%20Face%3A%205%205.%20Excessive%20Headache%3A%20More%20items
Headaches or Migraine Pain:

So commonly dismissed for “logical” reasons as not serious.. Dont lean on one cause plausibility to keep from investigating serious headache pain. Because Covid-19 carries an increased risk for clotting, which can trigger the headaches from the clottting, which can lead to stroke Most reasons can be very plausible:

  • It is so hot
  • It’s just tension
  • Oh you always have headaches
  • Your blood pressure is always high

I feel like my head is going to explode!

This was for me, a different kind of pain, taking into account all the normal reasons, something was clearly not right, pain was the dominant challenge. Blood Pressure was not driving the migraines (as was usually the case) .. When I got migraines before Covid, I would check my vitals. If my blood pressure was normal, I would take a migraine medicine or two and a lot of water, a banana and a nap. If my blood pressure was elevated, I would take Clonodine, a lot of water and a nap. In normal cases within 20 minutes of the migraine medicine, I would feel better. With Hypertensive migraines, I would normally feel betted after waking up.

CNN did a great story about the Covid related Migraine. the Covid Migraine was more painful, more debilitating, it would wake me from sleep. My face would turn bright red, my forehead has a single or double stripe up the middle and looks like two welts when it is bad, it feels like my head is going to explode from the pressure. The only way I could feel kind of okay would be to hammer on my head from the forehead to the top of the head, where ever the pain told me to go. No medicine would alleviate it, no caffeine reduce it, Nothing to do but pound my head, cry or try to sleep.

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