Why Get a Website Now?

Now is the perfect time!!!

Internet use is epic. Demand for services and information is in record proportion

Now more than ever, people than ever are going on line to connect, shop, stream movies or music, and learn. It creates distinction, connects in crisis providing expertise, idea, business, online class or cause, now is the time to bring it online.


The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has driven internet use by 70% and Entertainment streaming.

– Forbes: Hollywood and Entertainment Contributor, Mark Beech

What to create a website for? Communicate ideas, opportunities, causes, products or services.

  • Several of our recent clients engaged us during COVID to bring more of their products online to improve their sales cycle during COVID.
  • Freelancers have created a website to advertise samples of their work to engage more project related business.
  • Covid Unemployed Jobseekers have created professional career profiles to differentiate their skill set and extend their marketability in a competitive market.
  • Nonprofits have enhanced their websites with video, education and crisis information to help more people .
  • Online education partners have come together to extend the value of services through leveraged partner network sites.

Why get a website now? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Establishes a Trusted Presence: The more people know about you or your company or service, the greater they can relate and trust you. Business, Support and Customers are won through a well designed website.
  2. Attracts and Creates new customers: Making it easy to be informed, purchase, and acted on will encourage others to recommend your service, and create new customers who are seeking your knowledge and expertise.
  3. Educates and Maintains existing customers: Continuing to offer compelling content that educates and informs will maintain your existing customers and keeps you in a place where you are their first stop for seeking information and expertise.
  4. Organizes content to extend your business social media presence. The website with your social media presence improves the customer experience, interaction and differentiation.
  5. Gathers contact information of people who like your product and want to be informed of news and offers to do business with you again.
  6. Establishes a Natural , Knowledgeable relationship with your customers, and perspective customers. Tell the story through photos, media and videos and energize your social media on how you guided a tour from objective concept to a whole new product or services.
  7. Creates a new media markets for your products and services. Greater than newspaper advertising, the web media provides just in time for purchase information for people who are looking to buy services. A website makes it easy for them to find you, trust you, and choose you.
  8. Saves time and improves the organization and answers to frequently asked questions that information people in order to understand and guides how to work with you.
  9. Provides a transparent and efficient way of establishing your authority and expertise. You can serve more of your ideal opportunities when you articulate what you offer.
  10. Defined site demographics help you articulate who you are, and how to reach you. For Ecommerce also where you are, where your customers are, and how to reach you.


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